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  • The Jannuzi and Dey 1999 ASP Conference Series paper The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey in Photometric Redshifts and the Detection of High Redshift Galaxies, which describes the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (ref) is available online in both postscript and pdf formats.
  • The NOAO Surveys program, of which NDWFS is a part.
  • Presentations made at the June 2004 AAS Special Session 48: Galaxy Evolution and Galaxy Clustering in the NDWFS' Boötes Field

  • The NOAO 8Kx8K CCD Mosaic cameras were used to take the vast majority of the optical data for the NOAO Deep Wide-Field survey. There are two versions of the NOAO CCD Mosaic, the Mosaic-1 camera on Kitt Peak, and the Mosaic-2 camera on Cerro Tololo (CTIO). The early IR observations were made with the ONIS camera on the Kitt Peak 2.1 meter.
  • SQIID and FLAMINGOS (NOAO web page and Univeristy of Florida FLAMINGOS page) were used to complete the K-band imaging.

  • Data processing of the Deep Wide-Field survey data is described on the data processing page.

  • The survey data products are described as part of each data release.
  • September 2004 NOAO newsletter article science highlights (see second article in the linked document).
  • March 2003 NOAO newsletter article science highlights (see third article in the linked document).
  • June 1999 NOAO newsletter article describing the NDWFS.

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