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First Data Release (DR1) Data Products, Version 1

The Version 1 data (DR1_01) have been supplanted by Version 2 which are available from:

The NDWFS first data release (DR1) consists of dithered and stacked, photometrically and astrometrically calibrated FITS images in three bands (Bw, R, and I) for four NW sub-fields of the Boötes Field of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey.

A FITS image and associated IRAF pixel mask is available for each of the bands in each of the four fields comprising the DR1 data release. These files can be downloaded by clicking on the fields of the following table. Note these are large files! The FITS images are 300+ MB each. An image cutout function will be available shortly which will allow image regions of arbitrary size to be created on-the-fly and downloaded via the web.

Field Bw R I
NDWFSJ1426p3456 image mask image mask image mask
NDWFSJ1426p3531 image mask image mask image mask
NDWFSJ1428p3456 image mask image mask image mask
NDWFSJ1428p3531 image mask image mask image mask

Access to the NDWFS DR1 data products is also available via the NOAO archive FTP server.

The FITS images and IRAF pixel masks available above are named according to the following convention:


Files with the "_rjm.pl" suffix are "rejection mask" files. For a given pixel in the combined image, the value of NCOMBINE (one of the header keywords) minus the value of the associated pixel in the rejection mask indicates the number of images that contributed to the value of that pixel in the combined image. These files are IRAF "pixel list" (".pl") files, used to store image masks in a highly compressed format. Pixel list files are a supported IRAF image type, and can be converted to another image type if necessary using IRAF tools.

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