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NDWFS Data Access

Acknowledgment of Use of Survey Data Products

If you use NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey data products (images or catalogues) in your research or publications, please include an acknowledgment such as the following:

"This work made use of images and/or data products provided by the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (Jannuzi and Dey 1999; Jannuzi et al. 2005; Dey et al. 2005), which is supported by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO). NOAO is operated by AURA, Inc., under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation."

The Jannuzi and Dey 1999 reference for NDWFS is the following: Jannuzi, B. T. & Dey, A., 1999, in "Photometric Redshifts and the Detection of High Redshift Galaxies", ASP Conference Series, Vol. 191, Edited by R. Weymann, L. Storrie-Lombardi, M. Sawicki, and R. Brunner. ISBN: 158381-017-X, p. 111

Online copies of this paper are available in both postscript and pdf formats. A more comprehensive description of the survey and data products is in preparation.

The Jannuzi et al. 2005 and Dey et al. 2005 papers have been submitted and describe, respectively, the optical and IR imaging for the survey. These papers will be made available through this web site in the near future.

Third Data Release -- Boötes Optical and K-band Imaging and Catalogues

Data products for the third data release (DR3) of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey will be available starting October 22, 2004. This release includes all the optical imaging of our 9.3 square degree Boötes field, the ONIS K-band imaging, and an initial version of object catalogues constructed from these images.

NDWFS Source Naming Conventions

Second Data Release (Previously Known as Data Release 1, Version 2)

Data products from version 2 of the first data release (DR1_02) of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey have been superceded by our third data release above. They are still available here for those that have already been working with this version of the reduced fields.

First Data Release (DR1)

The original version 1 data products are still available for projects that may have already included these data in derivative processing:

All data products are subject to revision and update once released. A record of all changes to the DR1 data products is maintained online.

Image Cutout Web Service

This is currently being updated to work on the entire DR3 data release. Currently it will only access the DR2. An image cutout Web service is available. This makes it possible to download small science-grade image cutouts around regions of interest, without having to download the bulk NDWFS data product images and manually extract cutouts locally.

A simple form for interactively downloading image cutouts is available here .

Interactive Image Viewer

This is not currently available for the entire DR3 An interactive image viewer is now available. This can be used to display image data from a survey field, with interactive zoom and pan capabilities up to the full resolution of the field. Facilities are provided for downloading image cutouts or viewing multiband image cutouts for selected objects.

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