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FLAMINGOS Extragalactic Survey (FLAMEX)

R. Elston (Florida)
A.Gonzalez (Florida)
M. Brodwin (JPL)
M. Brown (Princeton)
G. Cardona (Florida)
A. Dey (NOAO)
M. Dickinson (NOAO)
P. Eisenhardt (JPL)
B. Jannuzi (NOAO)
Y. Lin (Princeton/Catolica)
E. McKenzie (Colgate)
J. Mohr (UIUC)
N. Raines (Florida)
A. Stanford (UC Davis/LLNL)
D. Stern (JPL)

The Flamingos Extragalactic Survey is a near-infrared imaging survey covering subfields within the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS) regions. Basic information about the survey can be found at:

The paper describing the survey is: "The FLAMINGOS Extragalactic Survey" Elston, Gonzalez, et al. 2006, ApJ, 639, 816. If you use the images or catalogs from the survey in your research or publications we ask that you please cite this paper. The initial imaging release includes data from 41 subfields in the northern NDWFS Bootes region, which together form a strip in right ascension across the NDWFS field. The header keyword DEPTHCAT provides the 50% completeness limit for the FLAMEX catalogs, based upon simulations in which we inserted mock elliptical galaxies into the images (for point sources the limit is somewhat deeper). We advise using the DEPTHCAT rather than DEPTH keyword to assess sensitivity. We also note that the FLAMINGOS detector exhibits significant off-axis aberration, so the image quality and depth both degrade significantly towards the image corners. We refer the reader to the survey paper for additional details.