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Southern Standard Stars of the u'g'r'i'z' System

J. A. Smith (U. Michigan)
D. Tucker (FNAL)

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) has been obtaining engineering and commissioning imaging data for over a year and the survey is expected to get underway and generate science quality data in early 2000. Though the SDSS is geared to the northern hemisphere, as the survey photometric system (u'g'r'i'z') gains acceptance within the astronomical community, the need for southern standard stars will increase.

To maintain continuity with the SDSS northern and equatorial standard stars we propose to develop of a series of southern standards with the u'g'r'i'z' filters for use by the astronomical community. These southern standards will be developed using the same observers, reduction software and observing and selection procedures as the initial SDSS standard system.