zBootes : z-band Observations of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey Bootes Field

Here, we provide access to the optical imaging obtained for zBootes, a z-band survey of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey Bootes Field using the Steward 2.3m Bok telescope and the 90Prime imager. These data were released and described in Cool, 2007 (ApJS, 169, 21). That paper should be used as a reference for using any of the data products as several key properties of the images and catalogs are described in that document.

The zBootes imaging covers 7.62 of the NDWFS survey area and reaches a mean 50% completeness limit of 22.8 mag in the z-band. The final zBootes catalog consists of more than 200,000 objects. With these depths, our images should be sensitive to L* galaxies out to a redshift of about 1. These data have many possible applications includinng searching for and characterizing high-redshift quasars and brown dwards. Also, these photometric measurements provide added constraints to photometric redshift deteminations of galaxies and active galaxites to moderate redshifts and will add to the existing wealth of multi-wavelenght observations available in the NDWFS bootes field.

The data can be obtained using the links below:

Merged Catalog -- the final 72MB merged catalog of all of the zBootes object detections. Each object is listed in this catalog once. If an object was observed multiple times, only the best observation is included in this catalog.
Reduced Images -- The zBootes images and weight maps are available through the NOAO Science Archive.
zBootes Catalogs -- Catalogs for each individual zBootes field as well as the final merged catalog of all of the zBootes object detections.
Data Release Paper -- Electronic version of the zBootes Data Release Paper (astro-ph version)

Any questions about these data should be refered to Richard Cool